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  • By ensuring your policies are current and that you have the right people in place, schools can help reduce student concussion risk and support timely recovery . What is a Concuss ion Policy Team (CPT)? A CPT is ...

  • A c oncussion is a mild traumatic brain injury that results in a change of how the brain works following a bump, jolt, or hit to the head or body. We now know that the best concussion management begins with quick identification of an injury and individualized ...


  • Join the VCI ECHO Program!

    VCI ECHO Program

    The VCI ECHO Program supports all young minds by empowering the safe and prompt recognition, response, recovery and return for all children with concussions!

    Join us for 60-minute, interactive, virtual (Zoom) sessions held monthly to:

    • Review the latest scientific evidence on concussion assessment and management for all school age children.
    • Share best practices in supporting a school-aged child returning to school and physical activities following a concussion.  

    Free CME, NCPD, and Category A BOC continuing education credits!