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Concussion Policy Team or Concussion Management Team - What's the Difference?


By ensuring your policies are current and that you have the right people in place, schools can help reduce student concussion risk and support timely recovery 

What is a Concussion Policy Team (CPT)? 

A CPT is a multidisciplinary, school division or district level team created to evaluate the school division’s current concussion policies, regularly review and refine division concussion policies, and guide the implementation of concussion policies for its division. Team members should consist of a wide variety of stakeholders, which may include a school administrator, an educator, a counselor, a psychologist, a school nurse, and an athletic trainer from a variety of schools within that division or district. 

Primary roles of the CPT include: 

What is a Concussion Management Team (CMT)? 

The CMT is a multidisciplinary, school-based team created to implement school division concussion policies in its local schools. Team members should consist of a wide variety of stakeholders and may include administrators, teachers, psychologists, counselors, school nurses, and athletic trainers in their respective schools.  

Primary roles of the CMT include: 


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