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Are there concussion resources to support neurodiverse individuals?


A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury that results in a change of how the brain works following a bump, jolt, or hit to the head or body. We now know that the best concussion management begins with quick identification of an injury and individualized support. These supports must continually change to make sure we are doing all that we can to assist recovery while making sure we are not doing the things that can slow down recovery for the injured person.  

Many credible organizations have developed tools and resources for home, school, work, and sport leagues. These resources track concussion symptoms, provide recovery and management tips, and identify when additional medical care is needed. Although these resources are highly valuable, there is a need to differentiate concussion management tools and resources to serve all individuals with concussions in an equitable way. For example, effective education for persons with neurodevelopmental disabilities (e.g., autism, genetic disorders, or language-based disorders) includes the ability to modify the pace, language, and presentation methods of educational materials or post-injury assessment tools.  

To benefit all individuals with equity and fidelity throughout concussion care, the Virginia Concussion Initiative (VCI) has developed the Neurodiversity (ND) Toolkit.  

The ND toolkit aims to support neurodiverse needs in the recognition, response, recovery, and return following a concussion. Additionally, the ND toolkit aims to empower the community around neurodiverse individuals, including caregivers, school staff, athletic organizations, and healthcare professionals, to provide a comprehensive care solution.  

Visit our website at to learn more about the VCI ND toolkit.